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  • Thanet Sub Aqua Club - BSAC Thanet 106

    Thanet Divers is based in Margate and members come from Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and further afield.

    We are always happy to welcome new and experienced divers to our club. The only criteria to becoming a full Diving Member is that you are medically fit, over the age of 16 years, and able to pass a basic swimming test.

    The club has regular try-dives where you can have a taste of the underwater world. Try-dives are often your first introduction to diving, this will give you a chance to try out the breathing apparatus and feel comfortable in what is an alien environment.

    Our club house is opposite Margate Harbour and is shared with the Margate Yacht club.

    Club night is on Monday night from 8pm. This is also where the theory training takes place. The club has its own well equipped filling station and compressor. Nitrox is always available.

    The club has a well supplied bar and diving equipment that we can loan you whilst you are doing your pool training. The club has its own RIB in which members can go diving.

    Pool training is at the Ramsgate Pool on a Wednesday night from 9.00 pm till 10.00pm. Family members are also welcome to enjoy a swim.

    There are many ways to get in touch. But best of all, come along and meet us on any Monday night after 8pm on Monday evening at the club house Margate or at Ramsgate pool on a Wednesday between 9 and 10pm.

    Divers in our club enjoy diving the local wrecks but we also have members who are involved in Nautical Archeology and some who are interested in recording the marine life around our Kent coast under the supervision of Seasearch.

    The British Sub Aqua Club (B.S.A.C.) is our governing body. It promotes safe diving techniques and lays out to all clubs a set procedure that must be followed by all divers within its membership. It will ensure that you are correctly trained and will monitor your progress from ocean diver to however far you wish to progress. The training officer will advise you on how to progress within your abilities. The instructors train divers to promote sport they enjoy and are not paid for this. If you join our club you will also be required to join B.S.A.C. which includes a monthly magazine, membership administration, membership liability insurance and a B.S.A.C. qualification book which is welcomed and respected worldwide.

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    12-14 Fort Hill, Margate, Kent, CT9 1HD

    07788 - 447282


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