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Watersports (ie Bodyboarding, Canoeing, Coasteering, Diving, Kayaking, Kitesurfing, Powerboating, PWCs, Rafting, Rowing, Sailing, SUP, Surfing, Swimming, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Windsurfing) in Loughborough, Leicestershire, includes the following:-

(Other places in Leicestershire are: Hinckley, Leicester, Loughborough, Market Harborough, Sileby)

Dave Nobles Windsurfing - WINDSURFING Shop | WATERSKIING Shop | WAKEBOARDING Shop.   - 01509 881111.  We have been selling windsurfing equipment to the UK for over 25 years, and snowboards, snowboarding gear and skis for almost 20 years. We have big stocks of skis, snowboards, windsurfing gear, wakeboards and wakeboarding gear, wetsuits, avalanche safety gear, Airhole facemasks, snowshoes and more. We always have plenty of deals on clearance and ex demo gear as well as big stocks of the latest models. You can buy online directly through the website, via phone, or of course by calling in to the shop.We would always rather see our customers in person, and the website only lists a fraction of what we have available, but we understand that online shopping is often convenient, so try to make buying direct work well too. All our staff are actively involved in our sports and we have a good depth of knowledge of the equipment we sell and we are always happy to spend time talking customers through their options.  
Charnwood Saltz Sub Aqua Club - DIVING.  

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